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Lean In.

That’s the mantra working moms are hearing. But first they need permission to Lean OUT…of their kids’ lives a little.

That’s where Lenore Skenazy comes in.

Lenore is founder of the book, blog and movement “Free-Range Kids.” She shot to infamy when she let her 9-year-old ride the New York City subway alone. Since then, she has appeared everywhere from Dr. Phil to The View to The Today Show, fighting the belief that our kids need so much more attention than WE did at their age.

Today’s college-educated moms are spending an average of 9 hours more per week with their kids than moms in the ’70s did — the equivalent of an entire work day! And that’s compared to back when many moms weren’t working! As Lenore likes to say, “I’m so old, I remember when stay-at-home moms stayed at home!”

You Don’t Have to Be at Every Soccer Practice

Lenore’s heartening, hilarious talk uncovers where this “mommy mandate” to constantly supervise and stimulate the kids came from, why it’s wrong, and how giving kids more independence and responsibility makes  both generation’s lives better and richer.

After reading Lenore’s Wall Street Journal piece on leaning out, some very high-placed execs wrote to her about their shared belief: A mom can Lean In to her job and not shortchange her kids. On the contrary — she’s giving them the tools to succeed, AND her vote of confidence.

That’s exactly what kids need.

Moms, too!

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Lenore helps parents take off the bubblewrap.

Guilt be gone! Kids thrive when we “lean out” a little.