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“With side-splitting humor, Lenore gave us much to think about at the Parents Association meeting and during the post-meeting roundtable discussion in my office. Essentially, we all have to ask ourselves, ‘When and how does our love for our precious children morph into something harmful rather than good, and what will we do to pull ourselves back from the edge of paranoia?’” – Wanda Holland Greene, head of school, The Hamlin School, San Francisco 

When Lenore Skenazy let her 9-year-old ride the New York City subway alone and wrote a column about it, the media dubbed her, “America’s Worst Mom.” She fought back by founding the book and blog, “Free-Range Kids,” which spearheaded the anti-helicopter parenting movement.

Since then, Skenazy has lectured everywhere from Microsoft to the Sydney Opera House to Yale University’s Child Study Center (twice!), as well as at schools around the country. Her message? Despite what we hear on the news, our kids are not in constant danger. That means we don’t have to worry and hover all the time! In fact, kids do better when we DON’T.

The Fear-Buster

This feisty message has landed Lenore on shows from Dr. Phil to The View to The Today Show. She also hosts the Discovery/TLC International show “World’s Worst Mom.” Now she lectures to schools, conventions and community groups about how we got so afraid for our kids — and how to detox from the culture of fear.

If your school wants to help its students and parents become more confident, optimistic and ultimately successful, Lenore’s lectures light the way.

“Anyone interested in seeing our children develop greater self-confidence and resilience would do well to read her book and hear her speak.” – Olen Kalkus, Headmaster, Princeton Academy

Lenore had our huge audience belly laughing one minute and nodding their heads in understanding the next. She made our parents reflect on current parenting culture and how we got to be this way. Her talk sent waves through the community. Good waves. Waves educators like to see, because it means more of our kids will have a chance to do things on their own, be more independent, and become more confident too! — Michael Simpson, Head of Lower School, Greenhill School, Dallas

“Our audience was so engaged that afterward, they literally did not want to leave! – Katharine Carol, Director of the International Children’s Festival, Vancouver

“Lenore had us all doubled over laughing….sometimes at ourselves!” —  Wellesley Mother’s Forum participant

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Lenore's book.

Lenore’s book.