Early Education Seminars

“Incredible presentation. Could not stop laughing.”

“I wish we had her longer!”

“The issues Lenore talked about are so incredibly true! We aren’t preparing our kids to be independent thinkers. As an early childhood educator, I have a responsibility to the children in my care to help them learn independence and resiliency.”

That’s what early educators are saying about keynote speaker Lenore Skenazy, who has presented everywhere from Long Island’s Early Years Institute to Microsoft to the Yale Child Study Center (twice).

Laugh...or cry.

Laugh…or cry.

Lenore shot to fame when she allowed her 9-year-old to ride the subway alone. Dubbed, “America’s Worst Mom” for trusting him to make his way, Lenore turned around and founded the book and blog, Free-Range Kids, spearheading the anti-helicopter parenting movement. Her feisty belief that we are making children “too safe to succeed” has landed her on shows from Dr. Phil to The View to The Today Show.

In addition to hosting the Discovery/TLC Int’l show, “World’s Worst Mom,” she now lectures and leads early education seminars around issues such as:

Why Does an Old-Fashioned Childhood Sound So Radical?

Play: Nature’s Super-vitamin

The Tyranny of the “Teachable Moment”

How to Make a Perfect Kid? (Hint: Trick Question)

Too Safe to Succeed

Lenore is available for keynotes as well as half- and full-day continuing education conferences.

“Great presenter! I will continue to challenge my own children and the children in my care!” — Child’s Play conference attendee, Ontario

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Lenore on World's Worst Mom (a.k.a. Bubble Wrap Kids in Canada)

Lenore on World’s Worst Mom (a.k.a. Bubble Wrap Kids in Canada)