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“I had the opportunity to see Lenore in action while I was at Disney. We brought her in to teach us how journalism approaches can be applied to marketing research. And while our main objective was to become better story tellers, she actually provided great guest insights from her on-the-ground, in-the-moment interviews with guests.”Lori Georganna, former VP, Consumer Insights, Disney Parks and Resorts

“Lenore brought the house down at our 7th annual conference with her witty anecdotes and clever insight into how ‘extreme parenting’ has permeated our culture, reducing us all into paranoid reactionaries that feed on the 24 hour news media to create an unrealistic and potentially dangerous version of what’s going on around us. Wake up and smell the irony!”  Dan Coates, President and Co-founder of Ypulse Inc., Youth Marketing and Millennial Research Firm

So…what does a reporter-turned-international parenting expert know about consumer insights?

Enough that one of the world’s Top 20 brands asked her to give a training seminar to its marketing team.


They call her their secret weapon.

Lenore Skenazy spent 14 years as an award-winning reporter at the New York Daily News. That’s where she learned how to gather the surprising insights others overlook.

Since then she started the book and blog Free-Range Kids, and has been lecturing everywhere from Audi to Microsoft to JWT, on topics ranging from parenting trends, to interview techniques, to what makes our culture tick — and consumers bite.

As a corporate speaker, Lenore addresses three areas of vital interest to any marketing or research department:

  • Surprising new ways to find consumer insights.
  • A painless technique for writing these up, so the insights don’t get buried.
  • A peek into the 21st century parenting soul.

“Loved your perspective at our Trends for 2014 Salon. As you could tell from the laughter and knowing nods of our audience members yesterday, you were a hit!” — Ann Mack, Director of Trendspotting, JWT

“We were flat-out thrilled with Lenore’s presentation — and not just because she made us laugh so much! Her talk went beyond inspiration, it gave us some non-textbook techniques for uncovering consumer insights. We’ve actually gleaned new information about our guests — no mean feat here. This information has led to new marketing ideas and demographics we’re tapping.” – Director of Consumer Insights, Fortune 100 Company 

If your department could use a dynamic, transformative seminar on how to observe, probe and write like a reporter, or if you would like Lenore to observe your consumers and report her insights, let’s get started!

For more information, please contact Judy Safern at Leading Thinkers:

Lenore at Microsoft HQ. (Although she realizes it's hard to tell that from this photo!)

Lenore  speaking at Microsoft’s Redmond campus.  (Although she realizes it’s hard to tell that from this photo!)