When Lenore Speaks, Audiences Laugh! (And Learn. And Change.)

Lenore Skenazy is a lot of things — keynote speaker, popular blogger, Discovery Life TV host, and a genuine thought leader on issues ranging from parenting to public policy to American culture and consumer insights. Oh yes, she’s also  “America’s Worst Mom.” Google it.

The New York journalist (and Yale grad) got that title after letting her 9-year-old son take the subway, alone. In response to the enormous media blowback, she founded the book and blog, “Free-Range Kids,” a phrase that has entered the pop culture lexicon. Her work has been hailed in The New York Times and The New Yorker — not to mention The Daily Show. She’s funny! She’s everywhere! Watch:



Her belief we are making our kids “too safe to succeed” has led to speaking gigs at corporations, colleges and conventions around the world, from Microsoft Headquarters to the Sydney Opera House to Ivy League universities and plain old PTAs.

Companies and Women’s Groups appreciate her message: “We can lean out…of our children’s lives a little. It’s good for everyone!”

College Audiences — students and parents alike — are relieved to hear: “Cutting the cord doesn’t have to hurt.”

Early Educators embrace Lenore’s mantra: “Free-play is nature’s super-vitamin.”

Schools get great turnouts for Lenore’s talk: “How Can You Raise a Perfect Kid? (Hint: Trick Question)”

And corporations are intrigued to learn that Lenore has been invited to Fortune 100 marketing and research departments to share her insights about today’s parents, as well to give her engaging, transformative class, “How to Observe, Interview and Write Like a Reporter.”

Lenore is a media phenom who has been on Dr. Phil, The View, The Today Show, NPR, Good Morning America, Nightline, ABC World News Tonight, CBS Early Show, CNN, FoxNews, Anderson Cooper, the BBC, CTV, CBC — and in pretty much any newspaper. Reporters call her because they know she’s fast, funny and smart.

She’s ready to bring all that to your next event. Better still, she’s ready to make your audience leave more confident, insightful — and successful.

Added bonus: “I laughed so hard my stomach hurt.”Audience member in San Francisco

“…had the audience rolling in laughter.” – Gary E. Kaatz, President and CEO, Rockford Health System, Rockford, IL

“…had us doubled over laughing, sometimes at ourselves!” mom at Wellesley Mothers Forum, Wellesley, MA

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